The Soviet Union may be a thing of the past, but it still inhabits many an alternate future. A group of artists entered their futuristic visions for a Soviet Republic in "CCCP-2061," which envisions a USSR that has colonized Mars.

CCCP-2061 [LiveJournal via English Russia]

"Circle of Honor" (Igor Savin)

"Exit light" (Igor Savin)

"Mars-2" (Ilya Zigangirov)

First on Mars (Max "dalaukar" Olin)

Now everything will be new (Elizabeth 'Elo4ka' Ulyanov)

Traffic artery (SoftH)

Sunset (Green Forest)

From small ... (Катерина 'LLIEP' Швец) (Caterina 'LLIEP' Shvets)

Return of "Martians" (Sergey 'yo_boroda' Erusalimtsev)

From the family archive (Dmitry "schiva" Narozhnyi)