NATURE RULES | A male cheetah cub, left, plays with a female cheetah cub after being weighed at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Front Royal, Virginia. (AP photo by Jacquelyn Martin).

Was Tyrannosaurus Rex a fearsome predator or just another scavenger?

When we think of T. Rex, we imagine the most frightening predator that ever walked the Earth, stalking through the Cretaceous in search of unsuspecting herds of plant-eating dinosaurs. But the real story might not be quite as scary...or flattering. More »

Will The Hobbit kill off the BBC's sexiest vampire?

When Aidan Turner was cast as Kili the dwarf in Peter Jackson's The Hobbit, fans cried out that surely Being Human's vampire Mitchell (also played by Turner) was now marked for death. More »

Monsters: Why Real Beats FX Every Time

Award-winning horror and science fiction author Alan Dean Foster has a new e-book out today called Predators I Have Known. To celebrate its release, he offers four reasons why real-life predators are always scarier than CGI stuff.More »

R.I.P. Nicholas Courtney, Doctor Who's Trustiest Companion

In many ways, Nicholas Courtney was the most essential actor in classic Doctor Who. From his first appearance in 1965 to his final outing two years ago, he was the most trustworthy friend of that mysterious time traveler from another world.More »

Never pick up sexy hitchhikers; they're probably feline body-snatchers

The other day we featured this positively perplexing Japanese monster scene, and the internet seemed to dig it. Now — thanks to the helpful tutelage of io9 commenter Erwin — we know that the monster ("The Pink/Peach Armadillo") was from the 1970s Japanese tokusatsu show Android Kikaider.More »

Amazing video shows the relative sizes of all the planets and stars

This video starts with the Moon, runs through our solar system's rocky and gas planets, and then takes us from our regular-sized Sun to the biggest hypergiant star, all to a pulse-pounding beat. Prepare for a crash-course in cosmic scale.More »

What it's like to be a young writer working with Joss Whedon and Kevin Williamson

Andrew Chambliss is one of the most successful young writers in television - he's written some of the most memorable episodes of Joss Whedon's Dollhouse and The Vampire Diaries. He told us what it's like to work with genre legends.
More »

What would it take for grownups to love dystopian fiction as much as teenagers?

Our teens are living in horrible oppressive conditions - in their imaginations, at least. Dystopian fiction, which has never been more than a minor sub-genre in the past, has become a runaway success in young-adult publishing. And adults are reading teen books like the Hunger Games series in droves. So why aren't we seeing dystopian novels that are actually aimed at adult readers? More »

R.I.P. Dwayne McDuffie, the man who helped save superheroes from irrelevance

Dwayne McDuffie's work is a huge reason why many of us still care about superheroes, and comics generally. He reportedly died today, of unknown causes.
More »

How humanity survived for 8000 years on the most extreme islands on Earth

Imagine a life of almost complete isolation, spent on a barren island constantly hit by a mix of volcanoes, tsunamis, and long, brutal winters. For thousands of years, that's what people have endured on the Kuril Islands, an archipelago stretching from Russia to Japan that just might be the most extreme place humans have ever lived. More »

10 Things You Didn't Know About Batman

You think you know Batman? The Caped Crusader's mysteries are much deeper than you've ever fathomed. Over 60-odd years, in an assortment of media, Batman has gone in some incredibly weird directions. Here are 10 Bat-facts you didn't know. More »

Star Wars rebooted as a Western, with humanized droids

From the creator of Steampunk Star Wars comes a new reimagining: Western Wars. Sillof has re-imagined classic Star Wars characters as gritty Western ranchers. Which means we get R2 and C-3PO in creepy human form. More »

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