Propworx is hosting a seriously huge auction, selling off an incredible selection of memorabilia, including a couple of legs from Aliens' Queen, Starship Troopers Hero Morita Rifle, a jar of Mr. Green's blood, Hulk heads, BSG's star-maps, Baltar's Cylon testing kit, and more. Out of our way — we want to bid on Obadiah Stane's pinky ring!

You can view the entire ebay list here, but we've rounded up a few of our favorites in this gallery.

Baltar's Cylon Blood Test so you can test your friends, parents, potential dates...

Anders New Caprica Map

Gaius Baltar's Brain Scans.

The best part of the quickly killed TV series Defying Gravity were the sexy, but ridiculously flawed space suits. Now you too can slip on a pair for all your late night zero gravity sex sessions.

Starship Troopers Hero Morita Rifle "Come on you apes, you wanna live forever?"

Incredible Hulk Stand-In Head, imagine the fun you can with your neighbors after you prop this giant head in their window!

"I Am Iron Man" note cards from Tony's Big Speech. Sassy bantering secretary not included.

The saddest collection of imaginary wedding pictures from Boomer and Tyrol's wedding, that never was.

And speaking of terribly sad BSG weddings, here's Apollo's wedding ring. Who would buy this? No, who would WEAR this?

All my love to the person who just wears Iron Man's legs out.

Tons and tons of Iron Man clippings.

Gallons of Mr. Green's blood is up for sale.

Iron Man Backup of Obadiah Stane's Pinky Ring, just imagine the bragging rights you'll earn wearing this out!

There's also a plethora of Fantastic 4 clippings and magazine covers.

Iron Man RT Unit Gift Circular Plaque

Burnt Book of Pythia

Queen Alien leg, to scare neighborhood kids and small dogs with. Only $1,5000

The Plan Pamphlet from Brother Cavil

Two Cubits.