Whatever David E. Kelley does with Wonder Woman, it's bound to be more dignified than this. The live-action TV series of the anime Cutie Honey features our heroine shouting "Honey Flash!" and then, well, flashing everybody. She turns ambiguously naked, with sparkles, and then her superhero costume (and wig) appear on her after a moment. Possibly NSFW, due to ambiguous nudity.

Here are some of the most amazing "Honey Flash" moments from Cutie Honey: The Live — plus the completely insane opening credits. We already showed you one of the most insane transformations from the live-action movie a couple years ago.

Honestly, it's hard to know what to make of something like this, or to know whether you should be horrified or amused — or just file it in the same category of "WTF Japan" that you already put Robo-Geisha into. The bouncy theme song by Koda Kumi (one of my favorite J-pop singers) is definitely a plus. But the weird stuff in the opening credits where her outfit keeps getting strategically torn — which doesn't seem to happen on the actual show, ever — is a bit, well, ecchi.