The weekend is almost here! Here are some amazing videos to help make the last few hours go by.

Watch Thor get tazed and hospitalized, and act like a crazy person
Finally, a trailer for Marvel's Thor movie where the main character is actually acting like Thor, the Norse God. More »

Felicia Day throws daggers and takes names in the first Dragon Age: Redemption teaser
Felicia Day told us about playing Elven assassin Tallis in Dragon Age: Redemption the other day, but now you can watch her in action for yourself.

"Tonight I'm Frakking You" is your new scifi dance single
This video is just plain adorkable. It's like a Ke$ha song for scifi fans, complete with rapping from Big Bang Theory's Raj and Caprica's Zoe doing Princess Leia cosplay.

Wonder Woman audition tape reveals Diana Prince obsesses about her breasts being too small
Now that Adrianne Palicki has been cast as NBC's new Wonder Woman, what will her life be like? This leaked audition tape for David E. Kelley's new TV series showcases some interesting dialog between the ice cream loving CEO and her minions... mostly about her breasts.

Quite possibly the finest moment of the entire "sword and cleavage" genre
Barbarian Queen is a lovely movie in its own right, but Barbarian Queen 2: The Empress Strikes Back is superior in many respects.

Watch Community's hilarious Firefly nod
Community is known for perfectly sandwiching in science fiction spoofs, jokes and parodies. And last night they managed to squeeze in two scifi legends at once, Joss Whedon's Firefly and Star Trek.

Insidious trailer sets this horror movie up as this generation's Poltergeist
Two suburban parents and their children are traumatized by an evil spiritual force in the new trailer for indie horror flick Insidious. It's got all the makings of a classic scare flick: creepy know-it-all old ladies, evil baby monitors, Darth Maul demons, and even creepier kids.

Brand new Hanna clip showcases Chemical Brothers' trippy score
Move over Daft Punk — the Chemical Brothers' score for the "child assassin" movie Hanna is the new electronica hotness. Watch the latest clip about the bio-engineered young killer, and snag a listen to the soundtrack.

Scrapped Thundercats test footage reveals a goofball Lion-O and the evil Slithe
Check out a less than regal Lion-O messing around with the Sword of Omens and an ambush from the villainous Slithe.

The Atlas Shrugged trailer stars a bunch of people yelling about the railroad industry
The first trailer for Atlas Shrugged: Part I director Paul Johansson's big-screen adaptation of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged has hit the web.

A Highly Scientific Study Of Love Potions From The Internet
This is the kind of scientific study you can only do with help from the internet. We rounded up the best love potions online and forced them down the throats of three willing victims.

First Avengers fan trailer assembles so much awesome
The best part about Marvel releasing the Captain America trailer is, now we have enough footage of each Marvel character to create an Avengers fan trailer.

Original audition video proves Doctor Who's 1996 comeback could have been way worse
The 1996 Doctor Who TV movie was not the series' finest hour, by any stretch of the imagination. But it could have been way worse.

Local news report claims the government is controlling weather using airplanes
For some strange reason, CBS News Atlanta decided to do some hard-hitting investigative reporting on that old hat conspiracy notion of chemtrails, a.k.a. the sinister version of contrails, or those jet trails that can be seen following your average airliner.