When the survey team returned, their great striped beasts flying low over the shore, we knew school would be starting soon. The scholars opened their doors to the surveyors, filling summer's stuffy rooms with new air. Late into the night, we'd hear the murmur of their conversations and the rustle of samples unpacked from paper, the hum of old drives spinning up, disgorging data about all the places beyond the horizons we glimpsed from our island.

This dragon picture is just one of many awesomely weird creations of A.T. Anderson, a concept designer and illustrator who works at Weta Studios. He excels at giant ships, giant animals, giant robots, and giant robot animal ships. Which is pretty much all you need to make your day more awesome.


See more of Anderson's work on his blog (spotted on the always amazing Concept Ships)

Done in the style of Frank Frazetta!




Bonus larger version of the dragon picture.