In Limitless, an experimental mind-expanding drug blasts Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) into super-stardom. Enter evil suit Robert De Niro (playing what could be his best-named character ever, Carl Van Loon) and you've got a hot-blooded mind-job film about pills, science, death, addiction, wealth and sexy male cleavage. Check out our exclusive stills of Cooper and De Niro!

In this pic, you can really see that director Neil Burger (The Illusionist) has taken Eddie from long-haired schlubby NY writer to Miami chest-hair-baring dinner party guest!

According to the trailer, if you take NZT, you become instantly brilliant, but it also messes with your memory, awareness, sight and hearing — plus it cranks up your sex drive to 11, and could kill you once you stop taking it. Van Loon gets into bed financially with Eddie during his massive rise to stardom, and at some point things take a turn for the terrible, given their propensity for doing experimental, super power mind control drugs.

Limitless will be in theaters March 18th.