The beautiful maiden Mo Chiu is riding in the traditional red palanquin to her wedding, and it's bad luck for her to see outside those red curtains before she's married. Too bad the sexy, androgynous King Ghost has come to steal her away!

I love Picture of a Nymph — it's one of the best films to result from the boomlet in supernatural romance/action movies that resulted after Tsui Hark's A Chinese Ghost Story became such a runaway hit in 1987. This one has everything — the evil demon, who's a sexy temptress, a Daoist monk, a callow scholar, and a poor maiden who's turned into a victimized ghost.


But it also has awesome sword-on-parasol action, as you can see in the second half of the clip above — the Daoist priest comes face to beautiful face with King Ghost and her squadron of deadly demons with red parasols. And the Daoist priest smirks and says, "Trouble has come my way." Cue an awesome wirework-filled smackdown.