We scoured the aisle, and got on our hands and knees, to play with all the best toys from the 2011 Toy Fair. You've seen the strangest, and the biggest movie spoiler toy — this is our collection of the best of the best.

See the inside of man's best friend in the 4D Vision Animal toys from TedCo Toys. We are not responsible for any trauma this may cause by seeing Sparky's organs.

An awesome 4D shark also from TedCo Toys — which actually started a furious debate between a few io9ers as which animal toy gut model was cooler, shark or dog?

Marvel baby plushies, now with the Silver Surfer and his tiny surf board. Is that what it's called? I'm not sure Galactus ever gave it a name. "I've built you a magic surf board, now go find me planets to eat."

The makers of the Marvel plush toys are rolling out two lovable Star Wars plushies, the Millennium Falcon and AT-AT. Cute enough to make your ovaries twitch.

Baby Vampires or Vamplets! The best part is the teeny tiny blood bottles.

DC Direct's Bad Robot figure, complete with a Slusho!.

While we may have teased the ridiculous lady lumps from the Ame-Comi line, we quite liked Batgirl's new look. Plus it will keep her safe while she's jogging at night.

Green Lantern movie quality battery, which lights up when you put your special Green Lantern ring next to it. From DC Direct.

Sweet little BioShock baby.

We're confused by this Left For Dead plushie Boomer, how did they make this disgusting character so adorable? We want to cuddle his pus-oozing tummy.

Plush Planetary Pals from Celestial Buddies!

Big-headed Chewy wants to give Cyriaque a hug.

Now you can have "Fish in a Jiff" if you ever need some live baby fish in a hurry. It only takes 2 to 48 hours. No word on how long they live for.

DC Direct's amazing Dr. Horrible.

Arkham City's Harley Quinn, complete with bat for Batman smashing.

Hunger Games magnets, it's the new Twilight doncha know. Except, an infinitely better book.

Jessie Quick's Ame-Comi adaptation has us craving her kicks!

DaVinci Model kits, for the classy model maker.


A better look at the new Wonder Woman ensemble. Surprisingly much better in toy form.

Make your own monsters with the Papertoy Monster book.

Red Lantern Guy Gardner from DC Direct comes armed with a killer chainsaw.

DC Direct's Pirate Batman from The Return of Bruce Wayne comes decked out Blackbeard-style.

Daft Punk action figures from Tron Legacy. For a fee, they'll deejay Snake Eyes' birthday party.

This 12" remake of the original Kenner Chewbacca can also be wielded for self-defense.

The Eleventh Doctor — with a fez!

A Giant Microbe, perfect for freaking out your germaphobe friends.

The Heroclix Sentinel action figure comes with a half-dead Wolverine, Days of Future Past-style.

An awesome Cthulhu snow globe.

DC Direct's The Knight, for all you London Bat-fans.

LEGO is recreating the Harry Potter bus scene!

Is this xenomorph skull holding Predator figure the best thing to come out of the Predators movie? Yes.

Remote Control Rat. For the asshole in your family. It's awesome, but also $153.00 !!!!!!!

A renewable energy kit from TedCo Toys, we're into it if you can just explain to us how this thing works. It had 1,000 pieces, but we still like the idea behind it.

DC Direct's River Tam figure, with Reaver blood. You know what? Someone needs to make a Reaver toy. I would play with that.

Fruity Oaty Bars!

Superman, the real savior of man. From DC Direct.

Triassic Triops, just don't take it out of the water, or bring it anywhere near me. *Shudders* But there's actually a super interesting story behind this toy. The man who created the Triops kit actually used the profits to fund his scientific research.


Adorable Wash figure from DC Direct.

This is from Zelda right? I'm not sure but this riding a wolf with that headdress is absolutely from my dreams. Ride like the wind!

Customize your own Zombie from EMCE Toys, they actually have a sick line of zombie toys...

From EMCE Toys.

From EMCE Toys.

The undead toys were all over the place this Toy Fair. One particular favorite was Zombie Kitty from Mezco Toyz.