Looking to quaff a drink in a watering hole that resembles a xenomorph's hive? Famed Alien designer H.R. Giger has designed several "Giger Bars" throughout his career, and you can still visit two of them in Switzerland.

In the 1980s, there was a Giger Bar open in Tokyo, but the designer had little involvement with its development (he was frustrated with the city's earthquake codes) and was dismayed that it became a Yakuza hangout:

It seems the bar was tailor-made for the underworld, which is not what I had intended. A friend who visited the place about 5 years after it opened told me it had fallen into the hands of the Yakuza. He went on to report that he was alone in the bar until 11 o'clock, when it began to fill with the type of unsavory characters who might have installed a roulette table in the atrium. My friend chose to take his leave.

There was also a Giger Room open in the Limelight nightclub from 1998-2002, but this VIP room was lost when Limelight shuttered its doors. Nowadays you can visit the Swiss bars, which opened in Chur in 1992 and Gruyères in 2003. Check out some photos of the bars in the gallery.

Top image: The Giger Bar in Chur, Switzerland, via HR.Giger.com.


Image via Alejandro Pérez in Gruyères, Switzerland.

Image via Paul Petruck of the Giger Bar in Gruyères.


Image via ChrChr_75 , Gruyères.

Image via Katarina Stefanovińá, Gruy√®res.


Image via Marco F, Gruyères.

Image via SFXAlex, Gruyères.


The defunct Tokyo Giger Bar, via.

The Tokyo Giger Bar brochure, via.


The defunct Giger Room at Limelight, via.

Video of the Gruyères Giger Bar.