Where else can you see Cobra Commander ride a Transformer? Toy Fair, of course! Today marked the first day of the giant toy convention in New York, and we were there at Hasbro's big toy reveal. Here's a collection of the best toys and exclusives that caught our eye!

First up, our favorite little toy reveal from Hasbro would be the mash-up — it's a Starscream Skystriker. Yes, you heard us right...Cobra Commander and Starscream together, forever. It's AWESOME.

Star Wars:

Another favorite from the Hasbro show would be the Comic Con exclusive Death Star deal. Inside the fantastic Death Star packaging are 12 "Revenge of the Jedi" vintage figures plus Salacious B. Crumb. And yes, these are a special "Revenge" cards not in Return as a nod to the original title that Lucas had for this film. In this gallery, we have a ton of shots of the Death Star deal, some new figures, and a few vintage re-releases, a giant Republic Attack Shuttle. One thing we didn't get a picture of was the new prototype Boba Fett with white armor and a beach towel cape (as a nod to the first-ever cape Boba wore).


There were plenty of new Captain America shooter toys, but we got the biggest kick out of the Captain Britain figure (Hasbro made certain to inform the audience that this was just comic-book-inspired not movie-inspired) and Crossbones. There was a samurai Wolverine and a Comic Con exclusive Sentinel (which should be this year's Galactus). As for new Thor toys, the lightning-shooting Heimdall is pretty hilarious.


You can get a closer look at Megatron's new death shroud from the new Transformers toys in our gallery, but probably the silliest things to come out of the Transformers segment were the specially made 3D viewing masks, which were created special just for the Michael Bay film. Now watching 3D movies can be even more uncomfortable, but all jokes aside, this could be pretty fantastic for kids.

Bastilla Shan


Bom Vindin

Echo Base Rebel



Ponda Boba

Republic Attack Shuttle

Death Star Pack Comic Con Exclusive