It's fun to be a hater and dump on the lovers' holiday, but it's even more fun to take that chance and declare your love for that person you so admire. And what better way to do it than with these scifi themed Valentines by yours truly?

They're yours to enjoy here (click on the lower right-hand corner of the pictures to expand), but I'll have larger printable versions for download over on stupid Facebook!

If you think about it this way the LV in LV-426... was short for love!

I have altered the punctuation, pray I don't alter it again.

I think I speak for all men when I ask a simple question... can't one have both?!!

I wanted to do something cool that would've caused you to physically change the image above for full effect but it just wasn't gonna happen. Rollover images are just too complicated. So, look at the valentine above, then "PUT ON THE GODDAMNED GLASSES!!!" and click through to the next image.

I'd advise printing these out as a double sided or folded card, or if you're really getting creative you can make a pop up book slidey version of it. If you do that, send it to me, cuz that'd be cool.

Fun fact... the only words Gordon Freeman ever spoke were "I love you."

Logan's FUN is more like it, huh?

What'd ya say we all print one of these out and mail it to Nick Denton!!! I'm KIDDING!!! We love the new layout!!!

This is Garrison Dean hoping you all find someone to share your world with.