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Scientists use gene therapy to control the urges to fight and f**k
You control your urges for violence and sex using a tiny tangle of neurons located in a very ancient part of your brain. Now it turns out that this knot of nerves, located in the hypothalamus, can be controlled with a new gene therapy technique that uses flashes of light. What this means is that scientists may be on the verge of turning us into mindless soldiers, unable to stop ourselves from attacking anyone or anything that gets in our way. But this discovery is also the perfect shutdown command for people who can't control their violent urges. Either way you look at it, in ten years, we could be manipulating people's most primal urges with beams of light.

On V, get ready for the alien breeding shacks of doom
The thing I like about V is that it just keeps getting more and more sordid. Watching it is basically like reading a pulp from the 1930s - you know, one of those Weird Tales stories where devils are planning to have sex with your girlfriend, or alien sea beasts are impregnating every girl in a small town with tenticular babies. This week, V leader Anna revealed what can only be described as an alien sex fiend agenda. Plus, everybody cared way too much about Tyler's feelings.

What's up with DC's next Blackest Night? Flash artist Francis Manapul gives us hints
This summer, DC kicks off Flashpoint, a line-wide alternate reality tale with The Flash at the center. We recently caught up Flash artist Francis Manapul and asked him what it's like to draw the Scarlet Speedster and what we can anticipate from DC's next big story.

Mystery of the parasitic albino redwood trees
Redwoods are the giants of the forest - huge trees that can reproduce even when eaten by forest fires or destroyed by lightning. And now we've discovered that they harbor parasitic mutants in their midst. Albino redwood trees are born without chlorophyll, which means they can't convert light to energy the way other trees do. Instead they spend decades attached to the tree that grew them, borrowing food and nutrients from it.

The author of the Vampire Diaries has been fired from her own book series
L.J. Smith, the author of the bestselling Vampire Diaries series of novels, has been sacked by her publishers, HarperCollins. Another author will complete the series.

Handy timeline breaks down the history of the Battlestar Galactica universe
Need to know the exact whens and wheres of the Battlestar universe? This diagram by Billy Ray Stephens Jr. breaks down the chronology of all things BSG. Doesn't matter if you're human or skinjob, you'll find it helpful.

Why some animals can never be tamed
Dogs, sheep, pigs, cows, horses - all these animals and more have been fundamentally changed by humans to make our lives better. Domestication has fundamentally altered the course of human history, reshaping the land and other species to fit our new agricultural lifestyle. But how do you take a wild species and turn them into domesticated helpers? Why can animals like dogs or horses be domesticated while their close relatives like foxes and zebras remain stubbornly wild?

Never-Before-Seen Footage of the Alien Puppets in James Cameron's The Abyss We've got an exclusive video clip from FX legend Steve Johnson's archives featuring the angelic underwater alien puppets of James Cameron's The Abyss. Listen as Johnson describes with disbelief how Gale Anne Hurd and Cameron decided to hire a "23-year-old-moron" to design the alien puppet that the entire feature hinged upon. And watch the practical creatures swim across your screen. More »

February Books To Look Out For: Hackers, Guns-for-Hire, and Supernatural Cops
What's new for February? Cherie Priest tries her hand at bad-ass bloodsuckers. There's also paranormal police, feminist hackers, and an ARG that sparks a revolution that may overturn a whole government.

Hop trailer reveals the hidden world of the Easter Bunny: He poops jellybeans
Watch as a Russell Brand-voiced Easter Bunny leaves his holiday duties behind and bounces his way to Hollywood looking for fame and glory, in the new trailer for the live-action film Hop. Did you know the Easter Bunny craps jelly beans? Also, he's kind of a perv.

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Stellar nursery is a giant, gaseous mountain range
This is nebula NGC 2174, located about 6400 light-years away. This amazing photograph makes the nebula look like the peak of a giant dust mountain, with strange pink stars dominating its summit. In fact, the stars are locked in cosmic battle with the gas mountain, and it's only a matter of time before the stars emerge victorious and destroy this ghostly peak.

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No Ordinary Family offers deeply stupid battle of the sexes…with superpowers
No Ordinary Family offers deeply stupid battle of the sexes...with superpowersLast night's No Ordinary Family was basically two separate episodes. One episode was another reasonably enjoyable hour of brainless entertainment. The other episode was a painfully stupid examination of gender politics with some vaguely sexist overtones. Let's just say I had two very different reactions to this episode, shall we?

Christian Bale is ready to go insane on J.G. Ballard's Concrete Island
Back in May of 2009, we predicted that Christian Bale and The Machinist's Brad Anderson would be teaming up again to bring J.G. Ballard's Concrete Island to life. Looks like that film is finally moving forward, according to various online reports. So, who's ready to see Bale lose his mind, a ton of weight, and eat his own car?

Who's the newest member of the Fantastic Four?
Who's the newest member of the Fantastic Four?In the wake of the death of Johnny Storm, the Fantastic Four are getting both a new member and a name change. Today Marvel announced that Spider-Man would be joining the ranks of Reed Richards, Sue Storm, and Ben Grimm, starting in FF #1, which comes out March 23.

New DC Universe trailer puts all real superhero movie trailers to shame
The first cinematic trailer for DC Universe Online made us feel like it was the best superhero movie we'd never get to see in real life. And now this new "Fracture" trailer is just as thrilling - when I realized the identity of the guy in the hood, I freaked.

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10 celebrities who've moonlighted as ridiculous crimefighters
Being perpetually in the public eye can be stressful, so sometimes celebrities get away from it all by smashing evil robots, dismantling global crime syndicates, or donning steampunk bustiers. Here are 10 instances of famous folks dispensing justice...fictionally, of course.

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Wicker Man 2 trailer one-ups Nic Cage's bee gargle with crotch exorcisms
When we first heard of The Wicker Tree (a sequel to the original British horror film) we thought: Finally something to cleanse the craziness of Nic Cage's remake from our minds. But we were wrong. This movie, starring the original film's Christopher Lee, is just as bat-shit insane as the last. And we've got the NSFW naked horse-head sex-play trailer to prove it.

A Doctor Who writer breathes new life into the "magical detective" novel
Every television network is looking at doing a police procedural with fairies, monsters or magicians, and there's one book they should all take a look at: Ben Aaronovitch, who wrote for classic Doctor Who during its waning years in the late 1980s, has created the perfect blend of CSI and Harry Potter, with his new book series about a London cop who investigates supernatural mysteries. Spoilers ahead!

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An alien city viewed from above
What caused this peculiar configuration of geometric shapes in the desert, and how is it related to urban life in the United States?

Glorious special effects reel breaks down Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' "Seven Potters" scene
Step inside the making of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1 with a set of behind-the-scenes videos that reveal the challenges the Academy Award-nominated FX team faced. Watch how the effects wizards reimagined the polyjuice potion scene, so a room full of teenagers becomes a room full of Potter doppelgängers!

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What can a fetus hear in the womb?
We've seen parents-to-be in sappy movies putting headphones or speakers up to the pregnant woman's stomach. Sometimes they're trying to make the fetus listen to some grandparent's voice. Sometimes they're trying to make some kind of crazy-smart super baby. But can a fetus stuck behind thick walls of flesh hear any of it? And if it can, would it hear anything more than muted noise?

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Could Super 8 really be about super-intelligent college students? Plus Torchwood has a mystery guest star!
An insane, probably false new plot synopsis suggests the mysterious J.J. Abrams movie Super 8 might be nothing like what we'd expected. We explain why casting decisions for the Clash of the Titans might affect the Superman reboot. The producer of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter talks casting and action sequences for our suddenly kickass 16th president. Torchwood: Miracle Day might have an unexpected guest star. Spoilers ahead...