Here are today's must-read stories.

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Being Human wallows in blood orgy guilt
Ah the self-loathing and deep introspective mirror-gazing that comes after you've just boffed in a pool of vampire blood. Who hasn't been there? Last night Being Human made us all feel guilty for doing the things that feel most natural: Blood orgies, stalking an ex-fiance's new girlfriend, and eating our own excrement.

Two witches, a vampire, an elf and a pixie do Vegas
What's better than a witch on a road trip? How about a witch on a road trip with a host of supernatural creatures? Kim Harrison's Pale Demon takes her witch hero Rachel Morgan on a cross-country drive to the annual witch convention in San Francisco, to get her shunning revoked. Here's an exclusive look at chapter 12, where our heroes visit Las Vegas!

Things you can do better asleep than you can awake
As you sink into sleep, you enter a state called hypnagogia, similar to hypnosis. You may hear strange noises or snatches of imaginary conversations, experience odd physical sensations, and see vivid hallucinations of geometric shapes. Your muscles may twitch involuntarily. Nobody is sure why. Nor does anyone know why, as we enter deeper sleep, our white blood cell count rises and eventually we begin to dream. But after decades of careful observation, scientists have figured out that there are a few things we do better when we're sleeping than when we're awake.

Erotic superhero insanity with Bored to Death's cartoonist Dean Haspiel
If you're a fan of HBO's mystery comedy Bored to Death, you're already familiar with the work of New York cartoonist Dean Haspiel— he designed the show's opening credits (which he won an Emmy for) and supplies the drawings of Zach Galifianakis' character, superhero cartoonist Ray Hueston.

No, Lindsay Lohan is not Supergirl
This rumor is up there with the Cher is Catwoman and Eddie Murphy is the Riddler whoppers. More »

Paging Michel Gondry: Amazing Battlestar Galactica puppets for sale
io9 reader Brian Hogg is selling his marvelous BSG puppets. Now is your chance to recreate the dynamic space opera with puppets! You shoot it, we'll post it.

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How Mongolian hordes reduced the Earth's carbon footprint
In the 1200s, Genghis Khan and the Mongolian army built an empire that stretched from the Pacific Ocean to central Europe, ruling over a fifth of all land on Earth and over 100 million people. And all that conquering reshaped the Earth, reducing carbon dioxide levels enough to offset a year's worth of gasoline usage today.

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What if Superman was a Disney cartoon?
Robb Pratt, who's animated for Disney films such as Pocahontas and Fantasia 2000 has created this marvelous Man of Steel short, Superman Classic. It's absolutely charming and brings to mind Max Fleischer's old-school Superman serials, right down to the clanking robots.

10 Bizarre Love Triangles in Science Fiction and Fantasy
You might think Fringe has the strangest love triangle of all time - after all, it just gets more unusual the more we learn about it. But actually, science fiction and fantasy have given us plenty of other freaky love triangles - here are 10 other contenders.

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Wednesday's comic haul brings the Flash and 1980s Marvel mania
What's new in comic shops this week? New Scarlet Speedster tales, the undead versus the crew of the Enterprise, and a ton of issues from your favorite creators. Indeed, true believers - comic book Wednesday shall soon be upon us. Brace yourself.

The moment when The Cape became high art
This clip, for me, is the moment when NBC's The Cape transcended its pulpy limitations and became a timeless work of art that we'll be discovering new layers in for years to come.

When crowd-funded self-published novels go off the rails
Diane Duane has written many of our favorite books, including her Star Trek novels and The Door Into Fire. But when she decided to take donations and subscriptions for a third book in her feline wizards series, she discovered what many other authors will probably learn in the coming years: a self-published, crowd-funded book project can easily go astray.

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Mysterious, tiny human figures march across a wall
This crowd of people is part of a swarm sculpture that consists of hundreds of tiny, detailed human figures scattered across several walls. They look like people crossing the street in a city during rush hour, or perhaps a human exodus of shrink ray victims. Let's take a closer look.

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At last, J.J. Abrams peels back the curtain on his mystery movie Super 8
The more we find out about J.J. Abrams' mysterious Super 8 movie, the more Steven Spielberg thumbprints we start spotting. Abrams' latest interview with the LA Times includes a few details, which flesh out some of the clues and plot points we spotted in the new trailer.

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The strange story of headless body that survived for a year and a half
We've all heard of freshly beheaded chickens running around with their heads cut off. But an actual headless chicken couldn't maintain a balanced run for more than a second or two, right? Wrong.

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Jon Favreau talks Cowboys & Aliens, more awesome Captain America photos, and will Jodie Foster be in Elysium after all?
Jon Favreau checks in with some context and commentary on the Cowboys & Aliens Super Bowl spot. Jodie Foster is far from a done deal for District 9 director Neil Blomkamp's next film. Liam Neeson confirms that he's done with Batman...for now. Nathan Fillion and Henry Rollins are teaming up for an animated Green Lantern movie. Spoilers ahead!