A ruined city!

And through it drives a mopey Sam Witwicky

A guy jumps out of an airplane or maybe a helicopter...

...while nearby another airplane falls out of the sky

Two cars crash into each other...


But then they transform into robots. Duh!

It's Bumblebee!

But who's sneaking up behind him?

A genuinely beautiful shot of the city skyline at night

Being attacked by alien ships

That looks pretty amazingly cool

Will you be be able to tell what's going on this time around with the blurry CG?

Probably not.

A flying Transformer zooms over the city

Like a big dark bird

Sam and Robert Epps (Tyrese Gibson) crouch and watch the carnage

The new leading lady, Rosie Huntington Whitley, looks dismayed as a truck blows up. If this is the last image in the gallery, you need to hit refresh, because there are several more images and sometimes they're not showing up due to a bug.

Another flying Transformer zooms into the city

It hits the ground and starts changing shape...

Into a blur of CG...

It's Optimus Prime! We think.

It runs into the chaos

Taking a battle stance

And now it's got a super Transformer sword!

It's taking a whack at some gray monstrous shape that's blowing up a car.

And here is the quintessential Michael Bay frame.