A new batch of images from Marc Webb's Spider-Man reboot have us scratching our heads. But after some close inspection we think we know what the new Spidey, Andrew Garfield, is up to. Spoilers and speculation ahead.

If you look closely at this latest behind-the-scenes Spider-Man image, a little plot point is revealed. In the front you've got Spider giving some (supposed) bad guy the old Spidey scissor, but look in the back seat of the car behind them. There's another Spider-Man! And the photographer who took the picture told MTV News that it's not just Andrew Garfield and his stunt double — both Spideys appear on camera:

The Spider Man Reboot films a scene involving a car burglar and two Spider-Man's which both appear on camera. In the scene, Andrew Garfield in character as Spider-Man is hiding in the back seat of a car that a car burglar attempts to steal. The spooked thief exits the car to escape but is taken down by a second Spider-Man as Spider-Man number one (Garfield) watches the action through the backseat window. Both Spider man's were also seen rehearsing a stunt together while covered in trench coats.


Assuming there really are going to be two Spideys on screen, what does it mean? Our gut reaction is, it's something similar to a key scene in The Dark Knight. You remember when Harvey Dent outs himself as Batman and is later used as a decoy so the real Batman could capture the Joker? This scene reminds us of that particular moment. It's the old bait-and-switch move. And while it's not wholly original to The Dark Knight, it's the first scene that popped into our minds. Is the second Spider-Man a decoy?

For more images of the mysterious second Spider-Men, head to Klatsch-Trash MTV News and JustJared.


Photos by WENN.com