There are always couples who don't get along. Usually they're fighting about money or who has the most annoying friends. Add clones, robots, and the occasional intergalactic war, and suddenly that couple really has something to fight about.

Here are the most unhappy couples in fantasy and science fiction.

10. Hermes and LaBarbara

Who they are: Sure this Futurama couple is lovey dovey most of the time. They have a nice house, a genius kid, and a tolerance for each others' oddnesses. But LaBarbara has an athletic, popular, rich, and adoring ex, and at the drop of a hat she goes back to him.


Who you know them as: Any couple in which both parties flinch and glare at each other when you say the name 'Michael' or 'Jessica.'

9. Clive and Elsa

Who they are: The brilliant research scientists in the movie Splice, who agree to genetically engineer something using human DNA and how never agree on anything after that. Parenting a hyper-intelligent winged kid with a poison stinger on her tail really takes all the love out of them.


Who you know them as: The parents who arrive at a party, send their kid off to play in another room, hit the drinks and aren't in the same room as one another for the rest of the night.

8. Wolverine and Jean Grey

Who they are: The star-crossed lovers in the X-Men. Wolverine pines for Jean. She gives him ten seconds of flirty eyes, or making out, and then at least one of them remembers her husband.


Who you know them as: You don't know them both, but you work with at least one of them. S/he ducks out to answer cell phone calls once every hour.

7. Cyclops and Jean Grey

Who they are: Jean Grey racks up yet another awful relationship, this time with her husband. Jean is always teary-eyed, Cyclops wavers between macho posturing, nutty jealousy, and abject self-pity. It's not a pretty sight.


Who you know them as: Everyone knows them. They're in all the papers.

6. Sarah Conner and Kyle Reese

Who they are: At the end of Terminator, Sarah Conner thinks of the dead Kyle and says, "In the few hours we had together we loved a lifetime's worth." That's easy to say when you still get the rest of your lifetime, Sarah. This is automatically the worst relationship of Kyle's life. If he had lived, Sarah might have realized that the only thing they had in common was a hatred of super-robots sent back in time to kill her.


Who you know them as: That person who gets drunk and always talks about The One Who Got Away; usually someone they met once, on vacation.

5. Dana Scully and Fox Mulder

Who they are: Perhaps some are too young to remember The X-Files, but Dana and Fox were the FBI agents on it. They had a lot of bad stuff happen to them, but the biggest problem was the fact that they were a couple who wouldn't admit they were a couple. They kept each other too busy with work and personal problems to let either one develop any other relationships.


Who you know them as: The people who spend every Friday and Saturday night together, watching movies and wondering why they can't get dates. Before they leave, they schedule time together for the next weekend.

4. Aragorn and Arwen

Who they are: In The Lord of the Rings, he's the last of a great line of mythical kings. She's the last of a great line of mythical elf nobility. It would be perfect! If they ever saw each other. In the movie they manage to gaze at each other from across a room occasionally. In the book, Aragorn has a chance to see Arwen at a dinner just after he's returned from a long perilous quest, and just before he goes on another long perilous quest. He has other things to do, though, so he misses the dinner.


Who you know them as: Everyone who took years to realize their long-distance relationship wasn't going to work.

3. Tony Stark and Pepper Potts

Who they are: The Iron Man and his Iron Assistant. Tony looks happy every time Pepper comes into a room. Then he proceeds to annoy her for the sheer joy of it. The only time Pepper ever looks happy to see Tony is when she thinks he's been killed or she thinks she's about to be killed. All that, and she works for him.


Who you know them as: They're the old couple who can't stop bickering for a second. They just got there young.

2. Anakin Skywalker and Queen Padme

Where you know them from: Please. You know where you know them from. Anakin made Padme so miserable that she outright died of grief. Padme made Anakin so miserable that he killed the younglings, all the Jedi, and a planet.


Who you know them as: I don't actually think you know these people, but if you do, please find a way to stop knowing them.

1. Every TV Vampire and Every TV Vampire's Mortal True Love

Who they are: Look, I know that many people find movie or book relationships about miserable people getting their necks chewed on by miserable vampires very annoying, but at least they end. TV vamp/human relationships (un)live on for years, moldering away dramatically in front of your eyes.


Who you know them as: All the couples who fed on their misery for years, and constantly IMed you about, too.