Are we at the dawn of a new Ice Age? Has someone discovered a long-forgotten Nazi weather-control weapon to use on us? Maybe. Here are some mutant weather stories that will make the American snowpocalypse seem like no big deal.

Image by Richard Cox.

Ice Ages Start and End So Suddenly "It's Like a Button Was Pressed," Say Scientists Dutch researchers drilling into the glaciers of Greenland have discovered that climate change occurs more rapidly than previously believed - indeed, the most recent ice age ended abruptly in just one year. Image via Godogo on Flickr.

A Dust Cloud That Lowered Temperatures Around The World Using satellite data, scientists tracked dust clouds created by a massive Chinese dust storm in 2007, and discovered that they circled the globe in 13 days. And the clouds may have affected weather half-way around the world.

The annals of weather warfare Did you know there was an abandoned Nazi weather station on the coast of present-day Canada? Until 1981, almost nobody did.

Why you feel weather changes in your joints It's possible people are able use aches and pains to predict weather. Or they might just be imagining it.

How flowers completely changed Earth's weather 100 million years ago How flowers completely changed Earth's weather 100 million years ago Wondering why the weather is so strange lately? Why it's raining all the time in certain parts of the globe, but really dry in others? It's all because of flowers.

10 Scariest Eco-Catastrophes from Early Science Fiction These days, SF thrillers in which natural disasters end human life as we know it are mainstream fare. But long before M. Night Shyamalan and J.G. Ballard flirted with disaster, the authors of SF's Pre-Golden Age (1904-33) speculated wildly, and sometimes presciently, about the possible causes of dire biospheric transformations.