One of the biggest questions people have asked about the io9 redesign is: How will you deal with spoilers? Allow us to explain.

We take the problem of spoilers really seriously at io9, and we're very aware that many people don't want to read spoilers for their favorite TV shows, books or movies. With the old design, our approach was pretty simple: We just made sure there were no spoilers in the headlines and opening paragraphs of our posts. So if you went to the front page of the site, you wouldn't ever see a spoiler. And we made sure you saw a spoiler warning before you clicked on a post,


With the new site, it's a little more complicated. For most articles, all you'll usually see is the headline, in the right-hand scrollbar. For a few articles, you get either the whole thing or a big chunk, on the left side of our front page. And the new layout is designed to make it fast and easy to skim through a bunch of articles, by hitting the arrow keys or the j/k keys. So you may load an article without even knowing what it's about beforehand.

So what are we going to do?

First of all, our commitment remains the same: No spoilers on the front page. That means no major spoilers in headlines, of course. (Sometimes, if every newspaper on Earth is reporting that Selina Kyle is in the new Batman movie, it's hard not to mention that in a headline.) And it also means no spoilers in the portions of articles that are on the front page.


Second of all, we know you're going to be clicking on articles that contain spoilers, if you use the site the way it's intended to be used. Either because the headline may not make it clear there's a spoiler, or because you've been scrolling between articles. So we're going to try and give you ample warning that there's a spoilery article, before you get too deep into reading. We're going to have a spoiler warning, like "spoilers ahead," on a line by itself, usually after the first paragraph. And we're going to make sure the first couple paragraphs of the article don't contain any major spoilers, but are mostly talking about the themes or ideas of whatever we're talking about.

And finally, we're going to try a lot harder to use the "spoilers" tag on any articles that contain spoilers. That way, if you're really spoiler averse, you can subscribe to the RSS feed of and avoid spoilers altogether.

Hope this helps!