The lizards and the snakes. First of all, they all look the same. They're taking our jobs. They're eating our rats. They're probably having sex with your boyfriend - or your pets. Basically, they're trying to take over our world. No, I'm not a conspiracy nut! I can prove it. Here are ten times they already tried to take over Earth and lost (or so they want you to think).

1. V
Are they snakes? Lizards? Sexy women who lay eggs? The fact is that the are the archetypal lizards who want to invade our world, fill it with their lizard babies, and turn us into torture slaves.

2. Enemy Mine
The lizard-like Dracs in this incredible war movie are fighting humans in a war that has taken its toll on both groups. Surprisingly, we get to see the lizard people's good side here, when a human and a Drac are marooned on a harsh world together and end up becoming close friends. So the lizards are not always enemies!

3. Land of the Lost
The Sleestaks are bulgy-eyed lizard people who make weird hissy noises. I'm not sure what they're doing, but it's probably something to do with taking over the planet.

4. When Doctor Who encountered the Ice Warriors
What do you think those snake-voiced Martians were trying to do with that Moon base? Set up a franchise of fast food restaurants?


5. When You-Know-Who revealed his evil plan in Harry Potter
Voldemort is parselmouthed snake face. He's trying to take over the world. End of story.

6. Harry Turtledove's Worldwar series.
They're just called "The Race," but they're pure scaly lizardy evil! And they want our Earth for their own!


7. Conan the Barbarian
Bad guy Thulsa Doom is always trying to crush Conan under his slithery, scaly fist.

8. Spiderman
Spidey has to fight a lot of weird villains, but we all understand why Curtis Connors must be stopped. His name is "Lizard" ferchrissake.


9. "Secret Invasion"
This giant Marvel comic crossover series had the reptilian Skrulls infiltrating Earth in human disguises, in a V-like effort at takeover - except without as much weird sex and egg laying.

10. They Live
So they looked sort of like skulls or whatever. You know that they were basically lizard people. That's why they went in for all that subliminal advertising.