Classic kids' fantasy novel The Phantom Tollbooth is illustrated with amazing line drawings. But these color-saturated concept designs by Lizzie Nichols bring the novel's crazy places to life - and you'll wish there was a movie based on them.

The Phantom Tollbooth is about the adventures of an extremely bored boy named Milo who receives a very strange package - a build-it-yourself tollbooth that becomes a gateway to a strange adventure through cities made of books and numbers. With his faithful watchdog (a dog with a watch embedded in his body), Milo barely escapes the Doldrums to Digitopolis and Dictionopolis and ultimately an escape into adventures that prevent him from ever being bored again. Above you can see her take on Digitopolis.

You can see more incredible concept art by Lizzie Nichols on her blog.

The dangerous castle that Milo and his companions escape from to the city in the sky.




The Doldrums

The Numbers Mine in Digitopolis