Aliens: Crucible was an RPG that never got off the ground, like so many other projects in the Aliens universe lately. But it generated a ton of concept art of weird creatures, and some of it's made its way online.

Concept art from the Aliens: Crucible RPG has been going online for a while now, and a few more images turned up on headhunterjack123's Youtube channel over the weekend. Put together with some of the images that have been online for a while at AVPGalaxy, they show that Aliens: Crucible would have given us a slew of new weird-looking creatures, including some new Xenomorphs but also some other types of indigenous life-forms. And we would have seen more of Weyland-Yutani tech and the spooky environments that result when humans have colonized other planets.

It's interesting to see a different look at the Alien universe.

"Rhino Alien"

Red Alien Queen

Stalker Alien

Indigenous Life Form

Indigenous creature

Indigenous creature.