I first saw Gloria Muriel's artwork at Comic-Com San Diego last summer. Inspired by the work of Dali and yet moved by a spiritual search, her passion and enthusiasm is clearly evident in these colorful yet mournful fantasy images in our gallery.

You can see more of Muriel's work on her site.

Let's Play - Most of her images have young wide-eyed girls (perhaps modeled after her daughters?)

Simphony - This image has a young girl as well, playing an instrument, as you will see in many of Muriel's pieces

Gardener - A spiritual gardener, looks like an angel

Red Flowers -Almost like a poinsetta

Harp - Another girl with an instrument and the harp makes you think of angels and heaven, doesn't it?

Inner Space - Owls here, and lots of images of birds in Muriel's work

True Love - The man in the moon?

Disconnect Your Thoughts - ...and let the colors flow over you...

Another Day - Muriel's take on a Still Life

Lolly - One of my favorites, a young girl in the forest

Red - Short for Red Riding Hood

Hiding - It looks like this bird has a secret

Daniel - ... with his drum

Lola - ...and fruit....and someone else?

Harmonies - Shine

Box - A dancer

Passage - We All Live in a Yellow Submarine

Ying Yang - Owls again

Guadalupe - Iconic figure with lute

Hey - Young girl with flowers

Blue Love - Multiple planets or marbles?

Sailor - Well kinda

Bliss - Beautiful hummingbird drinking nectar from an ethereal woman-tree

Glow - Another angelic image

Lakshmi - Eye of the Heart

Rhino -... and Girl

Weeping Violin -... and Burning Bush

Bird -In Yellow boots

Lake - Girl and Seahorses

Wait - ...and See

Natura - Girl, bird and flower

Fauna - Simply beautiful

You can see more from Gloria Muriel at her website: http://www.gloriamuriel.com/index.php