Megan Burns' art spoofs and celebrates the sexiness of space opera. Her new gallery show, opening tomorrow in New York, pays homage to paperback book covers and comic book art, with hypnorays, alien life forms, and beautiful bodies. Possibly NSFW?

Burns' paintings will be featured alongside the neon alters of Pavel Kraus in "Ancient Sci-Fi Update," at The Proposition, which is at 2 Extra Place on New York's Lower East Side. The opening reception is tomorrow (Jan. 22) from 6 to 8 PM, and the show runs until Feb. 27.

Here's Burns' artist statement:

Having found that she was always far more interested in the immediate appeal provided by covers of paperback novels and comic books rather than the actual stories contained within, Megan Burns has exalted the often overlooked graphic imagery adorning these mass-market publications from eventual weathered wrappings to large-scale reinterpretations of the genre by way of oil committed to canvas. Burns' paintings present bright and bold snapshots of erotically posed females frozen in action amidst alien backdrops and science-fiction-esque scenarios of equivocal intent, juxtaposing the quick and the languid while aiming to elicit feelings of mystery, intrigue and tension among their viewers.

More of her art is here. [Megan Burns]


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