When we build robots to do all our dirty work, where will they live? Probably in an immigrant neighborhood like London's Brixton, currently full of African-Caribbean residents - but soon, according to artist Kibwe X-Kalibre Tavares, home to robots.

I love this idea for many reasons, but especially because it reminds us that robots who are built to be second-class citizens will live the way today's second-class citizens do. Tavares' worldbuilding is terrific, with the current facade of Brixton mutated to show how working class robots would change the citiscape. Stores hawking cheap machine parts line the alleyways, and actuators dangle from clotheslines. While many artists imagine robots as hulking military machines, often of vaguely Asian manufacture, Tavares gives us robots who look like the Afro-Caribbeans whose neighborhood they've moved into. (I'm guessing the former residents have moved to the suburbs.)

Says Tavares:

These are a collection of images of what Brixton could be like if it were to develop as a disregarded area inhabited by London's new robot workforce. Built and designed to do all the tasks humans no longer want to do, the population of Brixton has rocketed and unplanned cheap quick additions have been made to the skyline.

See more of Tavres' work on his blog. (Spotted on BLDG BLOG)