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You never know what you'll find in Los Angeles, but lost civilizations of human-lizard people? Whoa. I mean, who knew that there was any kind of civilization in L.A.? Find out the crazy truth with Underground Lizard People!

Any movie with a title like that is OK by me. Just lays everything out there for you, without trying to dress it up with fancy generic titles like Totally Dark or Stuff Beneath Us or Shadowy Things. And lizard people are automatically awesome - and so are underground civilizations.


Here's the synopsis, from the filmmakers:

Based on actual eye witness accounts.

The story of a group of passionate filmmakers who venture deep into the mysterious underground Banning Tunnels to unearth the truth regarding a series of disappearances.

The group soon finds the answer to the mystery, a forgotten civilization of half human, half lizards!

They must fight for their lives in order to escape the vicious savages.

Vicious savages, you say? Actual eye witness accounts? Utterly silly special effects? Count me in! Find out more on the Underground Lizard People page on Facebook and Undead Brain Spasm.


Thanks, Avery Battles!