Adam Friedman's joyous, insane artwork depicts civilization crumbling in nonsense vistas that look like something out of M.C. Escher. His aim is to compress millions of years of geological time into a single image.

Friedman tells NY Arts Magazine:

In my work I attempt to visualize the imperceptible geologic process by compacting millions of years into a single moment. Rocks bend and grow. Entire mountains crumble in an instant. And the environmental damage that human kind has left in their wake has long since healed. I'm drawn to how geologic processes (erosion, orogeny, etc) relate to our institutions (financial, governmental, etc). I strive to present an era that defies human intervention in the landscape. An optimistic view of the natural world, post human presence.

Here are a couple more of our favorite images by Adam Friedman. More at the link. [Adam Friedman via NY Arts Magazine]