You might have thought the practice of adding "kewl" new mutants to the X-Men roster died with the 1990s. But no — screens from the video game X-Men: Destiny showcase a craptastic mutant, who's reportedly part of of X-Men canon.

X-Men: Destiny, coming from Silicon Knights, features a story by Ultimate X-Men writer (and one of our favorite urban fantasy novelists) Mike Carey, so that's a plus. But these game screens and bits of concept art are scarily bad, and the newly revealed mutant character — who doesn't have a name yet, as far as we know — is already becoming internet joke fodder, with his awful tribal tattoos, his stubble, his bandana and his weird pants (including kneepads). As the guy who uploaded these new images to a Youtube slideshow says, "New mutant power: put rubbish tribal tattoo on your arms and dress like a cowboy-pizzaman."


Maybe this is just showcasing one of the game's reported features, the ability of players to customize their own X-Men. But according to and CVG, this character is one of three new X-Men introduced in the game, who are "part of official canon." Which means he could be showing up in the comics any day now, probably with his own six-issue limited series. The mind boggles. We need to get Scarlet Witch to clarify her "No more mutants" edict to include this guy.

More eyeball-bleeding pics at the link. [YouTube]