If you accept a game of Truth-or-Dare, the Daredroid dress rewards you by mixing up a White Russian. It's just one of the reactive, responsive pieces of couture from Anouk Wipprecht, whose dresses also go from solid to translucent.

Blending her interests in fashion and electrical engineering, Dutch designer Wipprecht employs sensors, smart material, wireless technologies, and other innovations to create dresses that react to their wearers, the presence of other people, and themselves. The result is fashion that goes beyond clothing to become a complete — and often amusing — experience.

Daredroid is a biomechanic hybrid cocktail robot, which rewards players with a White Russian cocktail upon accepting and completing a game of Truth or Dare. The dress combines pneumatic technology with open-source hardware and human temperament to provide you with a freshly made White Russian cocktail. Your presence triggers the dress to produce milk, and your willingness to play a game of Truth and Dare combined with your natural charm, triggers the decision to give you more than just tepid milk.

Fragilis — garments breathe by the real integration of technology (light up and move) to give sensation of fragility.

Anouk Wipprecht [Industrial Nation via Coilhouse]

Pseudomorphs — dresses that paint themselves.

Intimacy Black — Made out of white e-foil, the body is revealed based on your interactions with the dress. In Intimacy Black upgraded e-foil transforms from black to transparent.

Intimacy White

Heartbeat Dress — Records the wearer's heartbeat with a built-in stethoscope and feeds it through speakers in the dress.

Cocktail-making Dress