Check out this footage from the Korean TV show Special Investigation Report, which is more commonly referred to as "Joseon X-Files." What's it about? A pair of UFO investigators sleuthing during Korea's Joseon Dynasty. Matthew Bey of No Fear For the Future has seen half a season, and even though the production values aren't always tip-top, the X-Files allusions are enjoyably apparent:

The X-files comparison is hard to avoid. There are two investigators, one with a mysterious past, the other filled with skepticism, who must investigate bizarre events at the behest of covert government forces. There's even a "smoking man" character who smokes an insanely long pipe.

Here's a synopsis of the first episode (which came out this summer), and the introduction is below. File this under "Unlikely But Nifty Cultural Mash-ups."

UPDATE: io9 reader Ann's informed us that the show's pretty good and sent us some episode recaps. She also notes "it IS loosely based on historical, if weird, records of the day."