When Samuel R. Delany's Dhalgren was first published, it was listed as "a Frederik Pohl selection." Now at last, Pohl blogs about how he acquired a book that 20 or 30 publishers had rejected, and helped make it a success.

We've been waiting for "part 2" of Pohl's series of blog posts about Delany, since he promised it a couple months ago. And the second part doesn't disappoint.


Pohl talks about how he acquired the book for Bantam, how he personally attended a sales meeting to make sure the route salesmen understood what the book was about, so they could get it into bookstores — and how he answered the puzzled questions from other Bantam editors as to why he chose to publish this book. ("Because it's the first book that told me anything I didn't know about sex since Story of O.")

But equally fascinating is Pohl's retelling of the aftermath of Dhalgren's publication, including Pohl's failed attempt to do for Joanna Russ' The Female Man what he'd already done for Dhalgren. Plus his thoughts on what happened with Delany, and Bantam, in the wake of Dhalgren's startling sales. [The Way The Future Blogs]