What do you eat when you watch the extended versions of all three Lord of the Rings movies? The Alamo Drafthouse served up an eight-course meal during its LOTR marathon, including First Breakfast, Second Breakfast, Elevensies and Coney Stew. Check out exclusive photos below.

The gourmet servings of hobbit food were part of the Alamo's regular Film/Feast event, which always has one special event that focuses on Tolkien's masterwork every year. The attention to detail is astounding. The three movies, back to back, added up to twelve hours, with Hobbit-inspired food being served at each Hobbit mealtime. The menu tells the awesome story — plus there's also a video about the event.

Want to learn how to make Coney Stew? The Alamo Drafthouse's Executive Chef, John Bullington, came up with a recipe, which we've posted here.


First Breakfast. Photo Credit: Cory Ryan

And here's the full event description:

This all-day event is an annual Alamo Drafthouse tradition as old as the ancients...or whenever RETURN OF THE KING came out. Each year we must gather to recount the epic quest of the hobbit Frodo and his merry band of dwarfs, wizards, elves and Viggo's. We snuggle up together and watch the entire LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY - nearly 12 hours - and get loaded to the gills with food, beer and wine all inspired by Tolkien's Middle Earth!

The eight courses are served during each Hobbit meal time! By the time the King (spoiler alert!) ascends to his rightful throne, you too are ready to go back to the Shire and be greeted as a hero by your loved ones who didn't think you would make it all the way...and then pass out. Epic

DISCLAIMER: The first two films will be the "director's cut" versions in 35mm, while the third will be the original theatrical release in 35mm. The "director's cut" of the third film was only released in DVD format, but the story goes that by the third film, Jackson had almost complete creative control... so, the theatrical cut is really like a director's cut. Based on this, we've decided to go 35mm all the way through, because it's just too pretty to pass up!


Second Breakfast. Photo Credit: Cory Ryan


Elevensies. Photo Credit: Cory Ryan

Luncheon. Photo Credit: Cory Ryan


Afternoon Tea. Photo Credit: Cory Ryan

Dinner. Photo Credit: Cory Ryan


Supper. Photo Credit: Cory Ryan

Lembas Bread. Photo Credit: Cory Ryan