What if we lived in a universe where scientists were neo-psychedelic rock stars and played gigs in college towns? The University of North Carolina's biology department has the answer.

We posted about University of North Carolina's biology rock posters a couple of years ago, and we're pleased to say that this latest round of posters proves that the biogeeks over there have continued to keep it real. They've hired local indie printers The Merch to create these concert posters that demonstrate how groovy science can be.

While the science concert posters from a few years ago had an indie feel, it seems that 2010 and 2011 are moving in the direction of metal and psychedelic for their influences. Look at those scary bugs on the speciation poster - I feel like I'm listening to The Sword right now. But the goofy alien sea monkeys on the suspended animation poster have a Flaming Lips vibe. Of course that GFP poster is just pure, old-school hippie psychedelic, as if dosing organisms with a little bit of fluorescent protein is sending our molecules on head trips, man.

Collect all the posters via UNC's Flickr stream. (Thanks, Bob Goldstein!)