A cast photo of the new crew of Wolverines from the Red Dawn remake is out. It doesn't look official, but it certainly looks like the original. Just one thing is missing: their letterman jackets!

Click on the image to enlarge, and for side-by-side comparison. Clearly Chris Hemsworth is the Patrick Swayze character, it's a toss up on the rest.

Daily Blam spotted the first ever image from the new Red Dawn remake directed by Dan Bradley starring Hemsworth (Thor), Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Watchmen), Josh Hutcherson (almost Spider-Man), Isabel Lucas (Transformers 2), Adrianne Palicki (Legion, Friday Night Lights), and Connor Cruise (Tom Cruise's kid). While most of these actors are still establishing themselves in Hollywood, this is such a random cast that I can't help but think that someday in the future we'll say the same thing we said about the original. "Wait, Swayze, C. Thomas Howell, Lea Thompson, Charlie Sheen and Jennifer Grey were all in a movie together...and there wasn't any dancing or teenage tom foolery?"

If you don't know the premise from the original, it's very simple: Russians (and Cuba!) invade Colorado. A group of teens escape the first attack and live out their days as a small guerrilla army in the mountains, setting up ambushes and bombing the invaders headquarters. The invaders in the remake are the Chinese.

You can view more on set propaganda posters here.

MGMs financial woes pushed Red Dawn back from its original 2010 release date. However, the film is allegedly finished, and the studio has plans to try and release it in 2011. But no one has set a date just yet.