Cosmonaut Dmitry Kondratyev recently arrived at the International Space Station, along with astronauts Cady Colemand from the US and Paolo Nespoli from the European Space Agency. And he posted some rare images from inside the Soyuz capsule on his blog.

Very few interior images of the Soyuz during flight have been made available before. Below are some that Kondratyev shared.

Dmitry Kondratyev inside the Soyzu either before or during launch. Credit: Roscosmos


Still feeling the effects of gravity, Kondratyev looks buried among all the supplies stuffed into the Soyuz.

The weightlessness from being orbit seems to provide more room inside the Soyuz. Credit: Roscosmos.

Coleman and a checklist feel the effects of weightlessness. Credit: Roscosmos.

After reaching orbit and checking all systems, the crew took off their launch suits and dressed in more comfortable flight suits. Credit: Roscosmos.

Coleman and Nespoli stretch out in the Soyuz living area and grab a bite to eat. Credit: Roscosmos

The view of Earth from the Soyuz TMA-20. Credit: Roscosmos.

Kondratyev and Coleman inside the Soyuz living area. Credit: Roscosmos

Kondratyev wrote in his blog: "For two days we had two hours of relaxation for sleep. Sleeping crew members are able to choose any convenient location and arbitrary orientation in space. At other times, we learned to eat in weightlessness, Earth watched and talked with TsUPom, check the efficiency of vehicle systems."

Sleeping arrangements on the Soyuz. Credit: Roscosmos.

See more images and read about life on the ISS at Kondratyev's blog.

[Roscosmos, via Chris Hadfield]

This post by Nancy Atkinson originally appeared at Universe Today.