Each year, Scratch Fury (Destroyer of Worlds), the pink genius cat of Scott Kurtz's webcomic PvP tries to defeat Santa and learn all his Christmas secrets. This year, the only person who can save Christmas is the meme-powered superhero Lolbat.

In December 2005, Scratch Fury climbed up his first Christmas tree (as cats are wont to do), but instead of merely shaking off the highly breakable ornaments, he declared himself Kringus, Devourer of the Twelve Kingdoms of Christmas, and demanded a sacrifice of tuna. But in more recent years, Kringus has been revealed as part of a sinister Christmas prophecy, one that compels him to try to defeat Santa each year and attempt to harness his Chrismas power. Last year, Kringus (with help from guest artist Neal Adams) managed to remove the big guy's brain, but even then he couldn't extract Santa's secrets. At least until now.


This year, the disembodied St. Nick has a little help in saving Christmas thanks to memetic superhero Lolbat and his socially connected sidekick Retweet.

God help us all.

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