It was the kind of vessel that could only have fabricated itself, for its own needs. Nothing strictly biological, or even conscious as we define it, could live in there.

If you've ever read Peter Watts' alien technology novel Blindsight, then this spaceship may look familiar. The picture wasn't created as a reference to the novel (as far as I know), but it's pleasingly reminiscent of Blindsight's spiny, mysterious megaship, which houses a civilization of beings whose minds are even more mysterious than the ship that holds them.

It's just one of several glowing, weird environments created by digital artist Chris Cold, who also works with fantasy-themed images. I love the way his work often seems to take place in an abandoned space war battlefield, or perhaps just after a terrible galactic disaster. You can see more of Cold's work in his Deviant Art gallery. Spotted on the ever-awesome Concept Ships!

Technology to harness the power of a sun.