The newly blonde Emma Stone was chatting up her role as Gwen Stacy in Marc Webb's Spider-Man, and let a few plot details slip about her character. Possible spoilers ahead.

On The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Stone explained, "There's a few Spider-Men, so I may have to keep at it for a couple of years." Insinuating that her character Gwen will be appearing in multiple Spider-Man movies. We were all pretty certain that if the Andrew Garfield Spider-Man reboot was a success, then naturally there would be another, and another and another. We just didn't think Gwen would be appearing in any films past the first.

Because, if you're familiar with the character's storyline in the comics, Gwen is marked for death. Not only that, her death is a VERY important part of Spider-Man's emotional journey (he's riddled with guilt for inadvertently killing Gwen, his grief draws him closer to Mary Jane etc.). It's a heartbreaking storyline, and we can understand why Sony would want to milk it for more than one movie. Heck, we kind of like the idea ourselves. So now we know, it could be a long time until we see this...

[via Movie Fone]