We're absolute sluts for underground monsters and cave dwellers. So when we found out about The Tunnel (a mockumentary type movie) we were interested. But when we discovered how this horror movie was financing their production - we were invested!

The Tunnel, a movie about a news crew that explores Sydney's mysterious collection of underground tunnels, is being financed by online donations. Interested parties can purchase a frame for a buck. And as of a few minutes ago, 22,492 out of 135,00 frames have been sold. And if you look at the above poster you can see it's made up of names that contributed to the film. So, why should you invest in this project? Besides the fact that the trailer is pretty fantastic (below), there's the fact that after the project is finished, the entire film will be released onto the internet via torrents.

So basically it's free - The Tunnel will be free for everyone - so why not throw a few bucks in its direction? We're interested in the story, the strange bell, and underground monsters.. come on!

Here's the official synopsis:

Set and filmed in the real maze of tunnels underneath Sydney, and using the truth as a starting point, The Tunnel tells the story of investigative journalist Natasha Warner, who leads a news crew underground to investigate why the government suddenly scrapped a plan to utilize the water in the disused underground train tunnels beneath Sydney's St James Train Station. They went down into the tunnels looking for a story - until the story found them.

Here's another teaser trailer that was released a few months ago...

"The Tunnel" - Teaser 1 from thetunnelmovie on Vimeo.

[The Tunnel via Twitch Film]