Can't afford to build your hardened, underground bunker for the cyber-zombie-alien apocalypse? It's a problem a lot of us have. That's why you should try this model, made entirely from recycled shipping palates.

Over at Inhabitat, they're calling this the "Slumtube" - it was invented by Andreas Claus Schnetzer and Pils Gregor, two designers in Johannesburg, where the summer can be stifling and the winters bone-chilling. This hangar-like structure is well-insulated for heat and cold, and is made of cheap materials you can steal from any abandoned shipyard after most of humanity has perished.

When the cyber-zombie-aliens attack, you can install recycled prison bars as a barrier and set a bunch of these tubes up in a circle with your farm in the center. You stay snug, but most forms of hostile (un)life are out in the cold!

See more pictures of your future home via Inhabitat

Thanks for the tip, Rebecca Jewsbury!