Will the next monster to fall victim to the paranormal romance craze be the monster from Mary Shelly's Frankenstein? Perhaps, but we're not panicking as Sony only has plans to bring back the monster, not Twilight-ize him... yet.

Deadline is reporting that former co-president of Sony is "at the center of a preemptive pitch deal for Frankenstein." While the studio is staying fairly mum on the updates they plan to attach to the novel the term "contemporary" was thrown around quite a bit. And you all know what that means: shirtless teens and lip-licking galore! Plus Sony has already made a "classical" version of the film in 1994 with Robert De Niro. But like we said before — no one knows for certain the direction of this movie. But we would like to say that if this does become the next big teen fodder flick, SNL did it first.

Screenwriter Craig Fernandez (From Prada to Nada) is behind the pitch.