In this short animated film by Nathaniel Lindsay, Ducked and Covered, a monotone narrator dispenses vaguely helpful advice about getting over doomsday. It's like a high school health documentary but about marauding gangs instead of peer pressure.

Here's the description of the film Lindsay gave us:

Ducked and Covered: A Survival Guide to the Post Apocalypse is an instructional public information film designed to assist the general population with surviving life in Australia after a nuclear war.

Produced by the Australian Board of Civil Defense during the early 1980s, this previously unseen, dusty print was uncovered deep within a university film archive. Broken into four chapters, the film guides wary survivors through the trials that will await them in the post apocalypse. From post-apocalyptic fashion and
unique uses for surplus human skulls, to becoming a local warlord and avoiding radioactive mutants, there is something for all dwellers of the wastelands [...]

It won the Audience Award – Best Animated film at The Maelstrom International Film Fest 2010 and has been part of the official selection of The Williamsburg International Film Festival, New Filmmakers NY 2010, Cinequest 20 Film Festival in San Jose, CA and the upcoming Doomsday Film Festival in Brooklyn, NY.