Having trouble finding the perfect toy for all your nerdy companions? Fret no longer! We've rounded up an excellent assortment of some of the best toys this year, for every price range.

Additional reporting by Chelsea Lo Pinto special thanks to Julia Carusillo.

Remote Control Big Foot

Get your kids hooked on the unknown early with their own remote control Big Foot. The toy burps, walks, talks (okay, really, it kind of Hulk scream-talks) throws food, flips, smashes its head and thrashes, just like the real-life Big Foot.

Price: $90.00
Where You Can Get It: Fischer Price

Star Wars AT-AT

Possibly the best Star Wars toy to come out this year (and there was a lot of amazing Star Wars toys to be had from action figure re-issues to Boba Fett helmets). This GIANT keechaw keechaw blaster-noise-making toy is not only awesome but it comes with a Speeder Bike and a Stromtrooper action figure (which is hiding in its rump), and a rappelling line. Yes I own one, and yes I play with it all the damn time. This toy is for all ages.

Price: $99.99
Where You Can Get It: Hasbro
Adorable video by Patrick Boivin.

David Choe's Munko Whale Set, The Complete Collection

Forget buying one adorable Munko Whale from David Choe — buy 12 different incarnations of this adorable little guy. The complete collection contains 12 different figures and a tote. Plus you can always add on later when the limited edition versions are released!

Price: $120.00 or $11.00 for just one.
Where You Get It: Giant Robot

Zombie Zoo

Need a way to get your kids into the undead without scarring them for life? Try the Zombie Zoo plushies, they are soft members of the undead zoo, and entirely gore free, besides the whole "being undead" thing. There's a special place in my heart for the piggy whose backstory explains that he in an undead germaphobe. Here's the official run-down on these beauties.

ZOMBIEZOO is a lot like the ordinary zoos you have visited, only different. It has exotic animals, gift shops, restaurants, moats, fences and a zookeeper, but in this zoo, the animals are in charge. They don't depend on people. I don't think there are even any people around. Each Zombie has their own personality with their dreams and aspirations. Meet the Zombies at ZOMBIEZOO and find out what it is all about!

Price: Around 18.99
Where You Can Get It: We found a couple at Plush Bucket, but they seem to be running low, so hurry!

USB Battleship

Not really a toy for tots, so much as an awesome toy for the computer aficionado — check out this gorgeous Battleship game inspired USB port.

Price: 23.00
Where Can I Get It: Kikker Land Shop

[via Holy Cool]


According to Moms and Dads in the know, this is THE toy to get this Christmas — to us, they look like some sort of unholy hell demon sent to Earth to charm babies with sing-song harmonies. So they really can't be all that bad. Plus, it is kind of cool to have a doll that can instantly harmonize with other dolls, we just wish their mouth didn't move like that, it's creepy.


Price: 14.99
Where You Can Get It: We found them on Amazon, but it looks like they are carried just about everywhere (Target, Wal-Mart etc.)

Aliens Pulse Rifle

Honestly, there are no words. According to the makers this gun is "100% faithful prop-replica M41-A pulse rifle" and weighs 15 pounds...

Product Specifications:

The M41-A replica is lovingly faithful to the actual prop rifles used in Aliens. The pump action really works and so does the collapsible shoulder stock. Drop the clip and insert two AA batteries then pop it back in and watch the LED ammo counter display a reassuring "95". When you're not out on patrol, the M41-A looks great hanging on the included themed wall display plaque.

Price: $899.99
Where Can I Get It: Think Geek

SDCC Exclusive Marvel Universe 18 Inch Galactus

This monster debuted at SDCC, and just because you weren't at the Con, that doesn't mean you can't own the giant planet-eater in your home.

Price: $150.00
Where You Can Get It: Amazon

Custom Globes

Take your love of maps to a whole new level and get a custom-made globe. Above, you can see their version of a Where The Wild Things Are globe — seriously, the possibilities are endless. But if you want our opinion, we'd go with an apocalypse globe.

Price: $99 - $399
Where Can I Get It: Art On Globes

Iron Man 2 Wrist Repulsor

Shoot from your wrist, just like Tony! We like this version of Iron Man's wrist cannon only because it's so much cheaper than all the other wrists guns out there. Plus nothing brings a child (or an adult) joy like shooting their family members with little plastic blasts on the holidays.

Price: $17.99
Where Can I Get It: Toys R' Us

Robot Chicken Gummy Bear Figure

Relive one of the best Robot Chicken sketches over, and over with your very own pink Gummy Bear figure. All you have to do now is work on your scream.

Price: $12.99
Where Can I Get It: Toys R Us

Tron Hologram Face Figure

Out of the merchandising hail storm of Tronitized crap one particular Tron Legacy stands out above the rest. The hologram face figurines. Now you too can own a piece of creepy Clu and his ageless mug.

Price: $16.50
Where Can I Get It: Disney Store

Balloon Dinosaurs

This is the toy that teaches because in order to make awesome dinosaur balloons toys, one must learn the art of dinosaur balloon making. Also, you'll be the coolest person at any party from here on out with your amazing new dinosaur balloon talents.

Price: $8.99
Where Can I Get It: Think Geek

Computer Engineer Barbie

Many moons ago the House of Barbie (Mattel) asked the internet to pick Barbie's next new job. And because the internet is awesome, they almost unanimously selected Barbie's next new job as a Computer Engineer. After months of waiting, she's finally available. Alas, if only the awesome hot pink geek girl glasses came in adult size.

Price: $12.99
Where Can I Get It: Mattel

LEGO Ewok Battle of Endor

Ewok haters to the left — this LEGO set is for the Endor lovers! Recreate the mighty battle between the Empire and scrappy little fur balls with arrows.

Price: 99.99
Where You Can Get It: Lego Shop

Kung Zhu

Hamster Battles! Seriously, you dress up tiny hamsters (some with tiny samurai swords) and watch them battle to the death in their very own, tiny thunderdome.

Price: $7.00 - $24.00
Where You Can Get It: Target

Wolverine Electronic Claw

We have no idea this is, but it what we do know is it's awesome. How this retractable Wolverine claw fell under our radar for so long, we'll never know. But at least we're rectifying it right here, right now.

Price: 46.10
Where You Can Get It: Amazon

Human Centipede Cat Toy

We couldn't leave out the kitties on this years toy list, so here it is yet again — the Human Centipede cat toy.

Price: $100
Where You Can Get It: Etsy