It looks like the British are sick of invading. A new San Diego-scale comic convention has been announced, and it will be taking place in London.

Mark Millar, of Wanted and Kick Ass fame, has organized a comic con in London. Kapow is slated for April and meant to be the UK's answer to the blow-out that is the San Diego Comic-Con. It's clear that Millar has high hopes for the con. In an Empire Online interview, he outlines what the event will look like:

"The idea behind Kapow! is to bring the San Diego experience to Central London. All the studios have a massive presence here in the UK, dozens of the world's biggest comic creators are here and most of the comic-book movie adaptations are being filmed just up the road."

There are big names involved in the con, including such legends as Frank Quitely, Dave Gibbons and Millar himself. However, if the London con is going to rival San Diego, it will have to increase its size. The San Diego con is five days long. Kapow is a slim two days, April 9th and 10th.

Any UK readers raring to go will be able to attend the con all weekend for £25. Those wanting the royal treatment can shell out £175 for guaranteed entrance into all panels, a preview screening of Millar's new movie Miracle Park, and drinks with the bigwigs.

Although it's clear that Millar is courting the movies, right now Kapow sounds refreshingly comics focused, and could be a lot of fun for UK fans, American fans, and io9 writers with current passports ifyougetmydrift,editorial. To purchase tickets, head over here. For general information, go to the Kapow site.

Via Comic Book Movie.