What's the perfect fashion item to be wearing when disaster strikes? A big sign that says "The End is Near." So we rounded up our favorite signs that forewarn the end of days — or at least made us laugh.

First up is the double signage from Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy (the miniseries). Upon hearing of the world's destruction, the man ditches his sign and takes off.

London is struck by the rage virus. Main character, Jim, wakes up 28 Days Later in a hospital. Not really sure what has happened to all the civilians of the UK he takes a look around. This "repent - the end is extremely fucking nigh" sign on the wall of a church pretty much lays it out for him.

In the opening credits of Zombieland, a poor doomsdayer gets double teamed by two very hungry zombies.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's big cameo in the Stephen King miniseries The Stand had him screaming and waving around a giant bell telling folks to "bring out your dead." The best part is when all that's left in NYC is Kareem, and his bell.

Homer picks up Kareem's bell.

Rorschach's secret identity, Walter Kovacs, was often seen carrying around this iconic "the end is nigh" sign.

It might now be a Doomsday sign, but when adorable stripper held up her poster board welcome to the aliens in Independence Day, it might have well as read "the end is right here." We all knew she was doomed.

Morgan Freeman (who was playing God) liked to disguise himself as this homeless man, why? So he could make a point, sadly we never really understood his signs.

The Futurama gang heralds the end of days in the new season.

Finally, Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs shows to how to put a little humor in your doomsday, by pitting two signs against each other.

Thanks to TV Tropes for additional research help.