You're here. Your brain is now stuffed with science and fiction and futurism. But what exactly is io9? Get to know the site and the people who make it run.

io9 launched in January 2008, with this manifesto and this explanation of what the hell an io9 is. Our job is to bring you news of the future before it slams into your face at 1,000 kph. On io9, you'll plumb the depths of science fiction, speculate about cutting-edge science, and devour futuristic art and ideas. That way you'll be ready when humans evolve into hyperintelligent squid creatures who can control matter at a molecular level. It just makes good sense.

Founded by editor-in-chief Annalee Newitz, io9 is run by an astounding crew of ninjas, cyborgs, aliens, and supernatural monsters. Now you can meet deputy editor Charlie Jane Anders, weekend editor Cyriaque Lamar, senior reporter Meredith Woerner, reporters Alasdair Wilkins and Esther Inglis-Arkell, and graphic design maven Stephanie Fox, just by clicking on their names.

If you want to join our excellent commenter community, there are a few rules around these parts you should know. First, here are our commenter rules (AKA how to be opinionated but not get banned). And here is our giant, mega-helpful guide to being a commenter, including how to set up your profile, change your settings, and create your own forums.

Welcome to the future. It's our native land.

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