Did you know they're still doing a Waterworld show at Universal Studios Hollywood? We didn't, until we read it might get phased out. Despite being based on a totally forgettable movie, the show looks pretty amazing. Check out some photos.

According to the L.A. Times, a 20-year plan for revamping Universal Studios is underway, including 146,000 square feet of new attractions — and the Waterworld show is getting phased out, along with the Terminator 2 ride, another spectacle based on a 1990s movie. But you'll still be able to visit Wisteria Lane.

Apparently the Waterworld show is basically a giant special effects showcase, and we went on Flickr to see what people had recorded of its majesty. We were blown away — there are huge pyrotechnics, including people on fire. There's also latex masks, planes flying around, shit blowing up, and boat-on-boat violence. With good old-fangled practical effects turning into an endangered species in Hollywood, it's great to see the art being preserved... for a little while longer. Check out some pics below.

The Atoll Explodes, photo by Grufnik on Flickr.

The Smoker's Seaplane, photo by Grufnik on Flickr.

WHTHOCK! A Smoker gets clocked by the Mariner. Photo by Grufnik on Flickr.

Smokers Attack, photo by Grufnik on Flickr.

The Mariner Escapes, photo by Grufnik

Helen's Escape, photo by Grufnik on Flickr.

Helen's Escape, photo by RAB68000 on Flickr.

The Deacon, photo by Sryffel on Flickr.

Random Smoker, photo by David Kelleher on Flickr.

Inferno! Photo by Brent on Flickr.

Fair Warning! Photo by Micke Kazarnowicz on Flickr.

Photo by James Tee on Flickr.

Photo by Krish Subramaniam on Flickr.

Rubber gun, photo by Roo Reynolds on Flickr.

Water on fire! Photo by Laura Favrow on Flickr.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaa.... Photo by Olivier Bruchez on Flickr.

...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... Photo by Evil Tom Thai on Flickr

...aaaaaaaaaaaaa! Photo by Markus Solberg on Flickr.

Fireworks. Photo by Peter Elst on Flickr.

Let's blow this popsicle stand. Photo by Richard Gillin on Flickr.

Water and Fire, photo by Bronco Oostermeyer on Flickr.

Photo by Bronco Oostermeyer on Flickr.

Photo by YoNoSoyTu on Flickr.

Photo by YoNoSoyTu on Flickr.

Photo by Narin-Flickr on Flickr.

Photo by Steren Giannini on Flickr.

Photo by NightRPStar on Flickr.

Photo by Emmit V on Flickr.