Take a look at the alleged space parasite and "living embodiment of fear" rumored to be Hal Jordan's big nemesis in the first Green Lantern movie. Spoilery pictures and speculation ahead.

The Daily Blam has a great image of the live-action version of the alien parasite rumored to be Hal's big extraterrestrial problem. Here's a look:

Supposedly, this image is from the next Green Lantern comic, which makes sense as the last Green Lantern comic released a picture of evil genius Hector Hammond (played by Peter Sarsgaard). But we won't know if this image is legit until December when the next GL issue will be released. Right now, this is all speculation. Awesome alien soul eating speculation, but totally unverified.

Many, many months ago, when we reviewed Green Lantern's script, the main villain was Legion. But back in August a new rumor surfaced claiming that the movie's main villain was actually Parallax, a giant space parasite that feeds on fear (or in this new rewrite, souls).


But the Parallax Ryan Reynolds would be fighting in his movie debut is a bit different from the traditional comics. According to the rumors at CBM, Parallax is no longer a fear parasite, but rather a soul-eating creature that infests its victims in order to devour them from within. The film begins with the Oan scientist Krona as the first Parallax host after the creature escapes from the Yellow Power Battery.


Parallax controls Krona and causes Abin Sur's fatal crash landing on Earth (which is how Hal gets his ring and how Hector Hammond becomes infested with Parallax while performing an autopsy on the pink-faced Green Lantern). The bit of Parallax bestows Hammond with his telepathic powers (and giant noggin), causing him to lash out on everyone who thinks terrible things about him (which is everyone). Eventually Hammond's soul is entirely consumed by the beast and he's 100% evil. Rumor has it that a fully unleashed Parallax will eventually take on Hal and a pack of other Green Lanterns. Again, this is all a rumor, but we like the sound of it.

Also it's probably worth noting that lots of commenters were speculating that this screengrab from the trailer was indeed the yellow power battery exploding (or Sinestro killing Parallax).