Some of the world's most terrifying disasters are also breathtaking to behold. In this gallery are awe-inducing photographs of some of the worst disasters of the last hundred years.

A smoke ring shoots out of an eruption in Italy's Mt. Etna.

AP photo of the 1906 San Francisco fire, following an earthquake.

AP photo of the nuclear bomb exploding in Nagasaki, Japan.


Explosion of the Hindenburg zeppelin in 1937, by Gus Pasquarella.

A massive avalanche in Utah, by Greg L. Wright.


Huge ash slurry spill in Tennessee, United States.

Oil fires in Kuwait, during the Gulf War. Photos via Lietmotiv.


What remains of the Bhopal, India facility where a massive toxic gas leak poisoned thousands in 1984. By Luca Frediani

US Coast Guard picture of the Deepwater Oil Platform fire


Fire over a Turkish city, by Vikimach

Drought in a reservoir in the nation of Georgia. By Vladimir Shioshvili.


Eyjafjallajokull eruption, complete with lightning, in Iceland.

A sinkhole that opened up in Guatemala City, Guatemala.