A few years back, Sacha Goldberger found his 91-year-old grandmother, Frederika, suffering from depression. So he decided to cast her in a series of ridiculous portraits of her superhero alter ego, Mamika, along with her super-dog.

According to the article over at My Modern Met, Frederika is a real-life hero — during World War II, she saved the lives of ten people — she hid Jewish people she knew from the Nazis, moving them around every day to keep them out of danger. And then when her native Hungary went Communist, she was forced to flee to France or face execution.

At first, Frederika was reluctant to pose as a superhero, but once she and Sacha got started, she couldn't stop smiling. And these pics have us smiling too — no when can we get a big-budget Mamika movie? [My Modern Met]